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This is my blog, I call it, The Gospel According to jden, I write about my projects, obersvations about technology and the arts and cultural sector, with a specific focus on the Australian realm.

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Everything is Possible Bottle

Everything Is Possible Bottle

The other day I was in an Australian store called Typo and they have these really pretty and cool looking bottles there, and I’ve always admired them and wanted to do something cool with them. So this visit I bought one and came home and wrote a post saying I am going to do something cool with this. 10 minutes later I have a Tic-Tac container impossibly inside. This is idea is based off the Anything is Possible Bottle by Jamie Grant. Originally I wanted to put a mini deck of cards in my bottle but I couldn’t find one. So I looked for the next best thing. I’ve always admired Jamie’s bottles and still don’t know how he does it. Bottles like this are fantastic to inspire people. Everyone I have shown mine to love it.

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Magna Carta... Jden Grail

Magna Carta… Jden Grail

I did a thing. I thought it would be cool to act like Jay Z, so I made my own Magna Carta… Holy Grail album art. The hardest thing was finding the raw photo of the statues without Jay Z’s name on it. I found out that Ari Marcopoulos took the photo for Jay Z, and found an original photo. Was still pretty hard, I haven’t nailed down the font 100%. I went for News Gothic Bold, originally I thought Franklin Gothic as someone posted online, but News Gothic fit best, except for the terminal on the J, which ends at a different angle. But it was the best font I could find that I owned. I attached a progress snap too.

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Häftigt Energy Drinks

_Häftigt Energy Drinks _Product Mockup

It’s Swedish for Awesome (literally). Creative Arts assignment for school. Creating a product and mockup with advertisements. Went a bit overboard creating real life mockups and a Facebook page with QR codes and accompanying posters. Marketed as Swedish energy, and elaborate European culture.

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My 13 days back drawing

My 13 Days Back Drawing

13 days ago, procrastinating from doing homework, I started to doodle my hand. And for the first time since year 4/5, I started to draw again. Bar you know Mr McCleans great insight into critiquing practitioners work in year 8/9 art. This was my first endeavour into the drawing since I was drawing YuGiOh in year 5. Its fun. I’ve grown found of the biro. It’s more raw and rough and requires more work than a pencil. If you make a mistake, well tough shit, you gotta deal with. You gotta make it work even if it means changing the entire perspective of your drawing. Should quit now while I’m still infatuated by the idea. Before I begin to hate it again for another 8 years.

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Xavier College 2012 senior jacket

More Comprimise

Xavier College 2012 Senior Jacket

Commissioned by Xavier College to design the senior jackets for 2012. A Varsity style was adopted (following on the trend of recent senior jackets both interstate and neighbouring schools) based on a Sublimated Jacket designed by Canterbury Australia, and produced by Canterbury Australia. Used in conjunction with the Physical Education uniform at Xavier.

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Noir Crane iOS wallpaper

Noir Crane iOS Wallpaper

Tied a noose with an old yoyo string, decided to set up a photo for Instragram and unded up taking it in Camera+ with the _Noir _filter. Then realised it worked perfectly as a wallpaper on my iPhone, cleaned it up in Photoshop. The rest is history.

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