“'Ideas' is a series to PDFs I plan to release to kick start your creativity. Today magic tricks are spoon fed to you. The patter is given to you word by word. Most of us won’t change the effect at all. So I’m going to do something different, I’m not going to give you patter, I'm not going to give you the effect, I’m going to give you the idea behind the method and how I came to the method. This will make you create an effect around the idea and patter around the effect.” -Extract from Ideas Vol. 1

Deo- A way of ditching a coin with deodorant.
L1NKED- Linking bands with ONE rubber band.
Time- A prediction using the computer.
Hot- A completely clean blister effect.
Sharpie- Instant re-cap of a Sharpie Marker.
Stuck- A stupidly simple coin vanish.

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