Janurary, February: The Tale of Two Fringes

For the months of January and February in the 12 Months, 12 Things project I am producing two shows for the Adelaide Fringe Festival. This will be the cononical post for these two months I will update this with further blog posts and other bits of information.

The two shows are SUPERHUMAN at The Bally — Gluttony and The Expert at the Card Table — How to Cheat at Cards at The Tuxedo Cat. And the required promotional copy is provided below.



Not all heroes wear capes — some read minds.

Do you believe in superpowers? After mind-boggling 2016 Fringe audiences with his sell-out debut show Reading Minds and Other Fascinating Lies, jden redden is back to wow you with his superhuman abilities. Think telekinesis, psychokinesis, mind-reading and superhuman strength.

Myths and stories of such powers attributed throughout the Cold War with both the Soviets and U.S. discovering and nurturing superhuman ability to gain the edge.

SUPERHUMAN demonstrates these abilities live on stage in a new, modern setting with lots of audience participation to create a night of wonderful and unique miracles.

Don’t forget to bring your smartphones—Snapchat a picture with the SUPERHUMAN geofilter and be apart of the show that will leave you scratching your head and pondering the world, as you know it.

Open your eyes—because not everything is as it seems.

The Expert at the Card Table — How to Cheat at Cards

Expert Logo

Armed with only 52 playing cards, two hands and 60 minutes, jden redden—the expert at cards—is back from his sell-out debut, 2016 Fringe show, Reading Minds and Other Fascinating Lies.

This new production uncovers the secrets and dirty work of the gaming elite, demonstrating world-class card manipulation and deceit at the card table.

The show shadows the logical conclusions and plays-out the physical interpretations of the book The Expert at the Card Table. A cult-like bible of the Magical and Gambling world published in 1902 by an equally mysterious man known as S. W. Erdnase.

This crash course in card cheating will leave you dazzled—opening your mind to another world full of exotic card flourishes, cardistry and cunning deceit.

You’ll never play a game of Poker the same again.

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