A month of impropriety

This past month has probably been the least productive month of my adult life. A large part of this is my failure to complete this month’s thing. I call it laziness but someone with a degree in psychiatry might want to claim it’s something else. I blame it on my appalling diet of this month, I’ve eaten more processed foods and transfats to last me a decade.

The good news I guess, is the project of this month Poppigami doesn’t have a hard due date until October of this year, so never fret it will be finished—just not now. Also, turns out the legality of creating a non-for-profit is much harder than one might expect.

Among the other things I should have done at sometime this month was to sort out my enrolment for University to finish off two degrees, a Splash Adelaide event, personal website, and national Fringe tour registration. Not a great time to be unmotivated.

We must continue and tomorrow I will announce the next month on the every continuing list of projects that get 90% complete. See you then.