April: To infinity and a maths blog

From the March of progress we now enter a new month and with the new month a new project. For the month of April—part of 12 Months, 12 Things—I will be working on and launching a new blog-of-sorts on mathematics. It sounds boring and it probably is, but I am excited.

This is an idea I have had floating in my head for at least a year or so, probably more. The vibe will be a StackExchange cross ProofWiki a place for students to search for obscure and unnecessary maths proofs that they can use as starting point for tutorial questions and problem sets. I want to have essays and guides for mathematics students based at an advanced university level, a website not really targeted for beginners (I feel like there is already many of them) but for curious mathematics majors looking for something new. I want to have a reference proofs to those ‘left to the reader as an exercise’ questions that we all fumble to answer. Hopefully and time-permitting I will have an accompanying podcast. There is a lack of mathematical podcasts (that last any meaningful length of time) where I can host guest as they talk about their maths life and interesting maths—once again pitched at a higher level than the norm.

It is already April the second writing this post, but I have already bought another Digital Ocean (that is 12/10 a referral code, so like totally spend money with it) Droplet (it’s the $5 Droplet—which shows my total faith in success for this project) so we are off to a start. I fly to Sydney (from Adelaide) in 2 days which gives me a solid couple hours of boredom to really nut out some work. I am excited for this one and very keen to start working on it, when I first thought of doing 12 Things, 12 Months this was originally the January project.