It's (a)live

I still have some more posts to write about the April project to make a maths blog, but it is now May 1 and the due date is now so the blog is now live. Check it out,

For the most part the development side of things is complete, I need to clean up the code and get rid of all the commented-out lines from the development and rollout the LaTeX-style CSS into a seperate project called MathsBlog.css. As far as content goes there is a little bit I had hoped to write but don’t have live yet. This includes the podcast, some long-form pieces, and the style guide. I had also hoped to have some post lined up in the queue so I don’t have to think about content for a few weeks. These things are easily fixed and can be knocked out when I have a free day to spend on it. Overall, I am happy with it and glad I have an outlet for the nerdier things to write.

Screenshot of