It's gunna be May

It is now May 8th, I was hoping to do work on another project this month and was waiting for an email to confirm some details. However, the email came and was not positive—at least for now. So for the month of May I will create a non-for-profit organisation.

This is an idea I have had for about 7 or 8 years, something I used to do in high school. Overtime I have developed it into something quite interesting and hope to this year launch it. In Year 9 (I think) it was November 10 and I hadn’t got a poppy yet for remembrance day, so I decided to make one—out of origami no less.

What I thought would be a readily available design was not to be the case, turns out there is not really a design for an origami poppy. Instead I searched for various flower designs and chose one that was close enough to a poppy-esque flower to work. It was quite nice, and people seemed to enjoy the whimsy. In later years I would reuse the same poppy, I still have it somewhere, miraculously every November it exposes it self on my desk despite the literal metric ton of shit that calls my desk home.

So what does this all have to do with a non-for-profit I hear no one ask. It’s an educational piece, in primary school the foreign language we learnt was Japanese, which mean lots of our learning was bootstrapped to some form of origami. I also went through most of primary school never been explicitly taught about The World Wars in any meaningful way. In Australia, Anzac Day falls on a school holiday every year which really only leaves Remembrance Day as an ‘event’ to use to teach students about the Anzacs. I do remember (no pun) each Remembrance Day having a minute of silence at 11 AM. This project serves to create a curriculum and lesson plan for the two hours preceding this. A Trojan horse to teach younger students about the tales of sacrifice and horrors of the wars that have occurred and continue to occur. I have lofty ambitions to partner this with other established organisations and help raise money for veterans causes such as RSL clubs and the like. I hope to create a resource that can be used and expanded upon by individual teachers all with a shared common goal.

Let’s see how it goes.