March: Writing a Screenplay

I’m in the middle of the run of The Expert at The a Card Table and start SUPERHUMAN in seven days, but it’s a new month and time to start a new project in tech 12 Months, 12 Things series. For the month of March I will write a screenplay for a film.

I’ve never written a screenplay before but have written over a hundred pages of quasi-stageplay for the two Fringe shows and quite enjoyed the process. So I will take it further and try to write a complete feature length script for a film. We will see how it goes, it might end up being short film length.

I have a idea for a story already and need to develop that into something worth writing about. The story will probably be done in collaboration with Andrew Lynn-Penning, we recently spoke about the idea of a film based on a character I can up with awhile ago, he mapped out a nice funny scene and premise. I need to learn about the form of screenplay and the tools used by the pros, I have a friend in the business I will lean on for help. Last year I bought the Aaron Sorkin Masterclass on Screenwriting, at the time only because I like hearing Aaron talk about things. However, this will become very useful I feel.

This post will be updated with links to the related blog posts. I will continue to write about January and February as those projects are still in progress while I work on the March Project.