The 'March' of progress

As March comes to a close (it is now the second day of April) I need to update you on the happenings of 12 Months, 12 Things—which I keep calling 12 Things, 12 Months. March has been an impossibly busy time for me; juggling the opening of a new show, finishing the run of another show, travelling 600 km for a one-off show, to writing a screenplay and working almost every other day. As a result it is now April and I still have lots to write about my Fringe experience and still have much of a screenplay to write all the while I should be starting a new project—and I am.

Throughout April there will be three streams of posts on this blog—I am telling this to the whole one-and-half persons who read this blog (not including myself).

  1. Finishing off posts from January/February Projects a.k.a. Adelaide Fringe shows.
  2. Updates on the screenplay and completing and submission into competitions—with helpful hard deadlines.
  3. The new about-to-be announced April project.

So that is the March of progress for this little project I am working on. Hopefully by the end of April this streams will be forming a nice big lake.