How to get 18.25 GB of Dropbox storage for free


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Dropbox is a really awesome service that allows you to sync files from computer to computer Have a look at the video. 


As you can see Dropbox can be very handy. I have been using Dropbox for about a year now, and I find it very, very useful. Not only can you bin your USB but you can also use it to share software support files from computer to computer so you have the same settings no matte where you are.

Through my time with Dropbox I have found a way to get 18.25GB of storage for free. Of course you can get some of the plans which you get 50GB for $9.99 a month, but Im a student and cheap. :D

  1. Get a Dropbox account, right here.
  2. Go here and get an extra 250mb.
  3. Refer all your friends to Dropbox. Get 250MB for each friend up to 8GB.
  4. Turn that 250MB into 500MB by being a student, here.

Now you can get 16GB of storage from your friends and plus to 2GB for signing up plus the 250MB for completing the getting started you now have 18.25GB of cloud storage for free. Keep an eye out for Dropbox offers to get more space.

What you waiting for? Get Dropbox now.