How to upgrade all songs to 256kbps AAC with iTunes Match


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iTunes Match was recently released to international users. I quickly subscribed. iTunes Match allows you to upgrade any songs you have ripped from CDs, downloaded else where to the versions from the iTunes Music Store in 256kbps AAC (though I would rather 320kbps). Here is how to upgrade all the songs that are less than 256kbps in bulk, rather than individually.

  1. Create a new Smart Playlist with the rules; ‘Bitrate is less than 256kbps’, ‘iCloud status is Matched/Purchased’ and ‘Media Kind is Music’.
  2. Select all songs in the playlist and Option(Shift)-Delete. Make sure you don’t delete them from iCloud as well. Send the files to Trash/Recycle bin.
  3. Next to the playlist in the sidebar, click in cloud icon. This will start downloading all the songs in 256kbps AAC.

Once all the songs are downloaded, you can enjoy the extra kilobits per second.

_ Bonus Tip: Before buying iTunes Match use a tool such as iTSfvor TuneUp to ensure all your tracks have appropriate meta data, too save your self uploading them._