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Cemetery 1.

Tools: Camera.app, Hugin

Disclaimer: This is not /strictly/ an iPhoneographic photograph! All the 103 images with-in the panorama were taken with an iPhone and was originally intended to be a /full/ iPhoneograph. But my iPhone panorama app, AutoStitch just could not handle 103 images. It’s designed to handle around 20, for an 18 mega-pixel image. I tried doing it on AutoStitch and just wouldn’t happen. So I had to resort to a desktop app. I used Hugin, an cross-platform GUI for the open-source PanoTools. The entire stitching process took over an hour, and almost crashed my MacBook Pro. So I don’t think my iPhone4 would have handled it anyway. I have learnt allot about panoramas from this experience and want to make a better, smoother panorama in the near future.

Hi-Res JPEG (10MB)