iPhone bluetooth tethering broke?


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Recently my native iPhone tethering via bluetooth wasn’t working. It would work tethering over usb. After a quick Google search I found out that this was a common problem. At the time I just downloaded MyWi 4 a jailbroken app. Which creates a Wifi hotspot. So instead of solving the problem, I just used that app.

But as of late, that app has been causing me some problems. It kept dropping out, even though I was connected. And made my iPhone /really/ hot. So I tried to use native tethering, to no avail. Google searched again found now answers. So after un-pairing, re-pairing, restarting, restoring etc. etc. I discovered this solution.

  1. Delete ‘iPhone’ from Bluetooth pane in System Prefs.
  2. Go to ‘Network’ pane, then delete ‘Bluetooth PAN’.
  3. Click the ’+’ button, create new Bluetooth PAN.
  4. Then click ‘Set-up Bluetooth Device’.
  5. Go through the prompts and pair iPhone.
  6. Enjoy tethering.

After finding this solution, I found it online. With a reason why it works. Apparently the tethering wouldn’t work because the computer wasn’t fetching the IP from the iPhone, and failing to establish connection. And deleting the ‘Bluetooth PAN’ and re-creating it, resets this ‘fail’, so it will work again.

Hope this helps you.